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About Jeffrey Kalban


"An artist manipulates form without thought of functional concerns, creating invented spaces that may not exist in actual physical form. 

These works, created on flat surfaces, are both painting and spatial sculpture, suggesting space in and out of the picture plane surrounding the viewer.  Color is employed to define transparency and placement in space.  Forms passing through transparent planes are affected by color change, creating new multi-dimensional elements breaking the picture plane and altering the viewer’s perceptions of these illusory planes.   These 'perceptual hybrids’ create spatial intrigue, inviting the viewer to travel visually through space."


Mr. Kalban’s art works are in a number of private collections and public site-specific spaces.  His solo exhibition at JNA Gallery in Santa Monica provided the opportunity to view a comprehensive body of his work. 


Jeffrey Kalban is principal of Kalban Architects, an award-winning firm known for providing innovative solutions to complex challenges for major civic, institutional, commercial, office and academic projects that include the South Building at Getty Center and the Animation Guild in Los Angeles.

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